The following herd sires are the boars that we use here at No Limit Genetics. We collect Mondays and Thursdays. There is no overrun semen available. Contact us for more details.


Oxygen x Outta Hand


Outta Breath is a very complete boar that has consistently stamped his offspring with the most desirable traits to win hog shows. His rugged build, killer look from the side and ability to reach and flex off both ends will get you going! Then when you analyze how one made so correctly can be so square chested and open to such a massive upper rib and blade you're going to smile. Once you get behind him and see how big his pin set is while maintaining outer stifle shape and a functional hock set.... he'll take your BREATH away. Use him with confidence! 


Outta Breath x Monumental x Super 8


Air Tight is the first son of Outta Breath we have decided to keep around. He is a full sib to the Reserve Grand at Kern County in 2017. We were so impressed with that litter we decided to breed her back the same way and keep a boar. Air tight goes back to the old super 8 sow "Pixie" who sat in the heart of our herd for many years. His athletic ability and design combined with being short backed and stout featured leads me to believe he's gonna sire high end barrows that will hang banners!


Outta Breath x Blurred Vison

$200/dose Contact Shipley's for Semen

We would like to thank Shipley’s Swine Genetics for purchasing our boar “Hangover” we are confident in his ability to breed on the consistency and success we have seen out of his sire Outta Breath. We will be using Hangover heavily and if your looking for a unique boar that combines front end extension with a tremendous upper rib and rear leg that will go forever use this guy you won’t regret it!


Shipley Swine Genetics ‭1 (866) 376-8986‬

Boars Raised

Big Debate x Major Feat (tito) x Hot Topic (Tenacious)

Bred by No Limit Genetics North


My TimeMy Time


Big Time 81-11 x Super 8 X Superman

Bred by No Limit Genetics


Mojo X [Super Freak X Super 7]

Bred by No Limit Genetics South

His dam is a littermate to Square One at Lean Value Sires.
$6,000 Fall Classic entry purchased by Shaffer's Goldrush.
For semen price and availability call Shaffer's Goldrush at 1-800-690-2022



Boar Raised


He Be It

Superfreak x Super 8 x Superman

Bred by No Limit Genetics South

His dam is a littermate to Mojo at LVS and his grand dam is a littermate to Superfreak at PSSS.

$21,000 Indiana State Fair entry Sold to Swine Genetics International

For semen price and availability call Swine Genetics International at 1-800-247-3958